Designing Regenerative

and Distributive Cities

We live in CitySpheres: the network of connections through which the City's energy flows. CitySpheres are organic spaces, with fluid borders and forever changing. In which direction is up to us all to decide. Our journey is about connection, shared learning and collective impact. By sharing stories and exploring CitySpheres we can venture to shift the frontier of the new economy.

City Meetups

Sharing Stories

The power of connection is what makes cities thrive. We bring people together to share stories and points of view. Seeing each other, hearing each other and discovering we are more like-minded than we assumed, opens the door for co-creation and collaboration.

City Wisdom

Exploring CitySpheres

The City is mysterious. No one person or party sees the complete picture or has all the answers. Exploring the CitySphere is about stepping outside your own bubble, staying open minded and understanding that it's always people first. Not as individuals, but as communities. Let's step beyond our own biases into the wisdom of the City.

City Ventures

Shifting the Frontier of the New Economy

We live in exciting times. The need for a new way of thinking, working and living is increasing. More and more people are motivated to be part of the transition to a new society with a regenerative and distributive economy embedded within. We need social ventures to make change happen.